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Light Therapy

While in Italy: By reproducing the beneficial rays of the sunlight, just like when sunbathing, your whole system will benefit from the Light. In fact, by acting on the skin and blood circulation, your whole body will feel much better: the constant application three times a day will end up providing the full relaxation your body needs. From resolving the stiffness caused by the flight, the night insomnia caused by the jet lag all the way to the tiredness after so much enjoying Italy. Even your caregiver will ask to try it! When back home: The same beneficial effects experienced while in Italy can be repeated and shared with your whole family, too. We do provide the purchase and delivery service of the Light you have chosen. You certainly will feel tired, stiff and too exhausted to start with the PT sessions right away. The Light therapy can: - Speed up the effects of Neridronate - Recover from your flight - Fight back side effects that may occur from the treatment - Boost up your immune system already under attack by so much going on in the last couple of weeks - Keep your vitamin D levels up - Increase your general health (arthritis, dermatitis, gingivitis, diabetes etc) It is also good for babies, toddlers and pets. So why not purchasing you own Light and invest in your whole family health?