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Medical tourism Italy: Health Planners assisting you for all you need.


About MTI

Medical Tourism Italy (MTI) was born from a double-side human mission. From one part, MTI allows people suffering from the most diverse pathologies to have access to the best treatments, the best doctors and the best medical facility. At the same time, through MTI, patients will be able to do all this in Italy, whose healthcare is ranked number 1 in Europe and only number 2 worldwide (Bloomberg Statistics 2017). MTI’s dedicated focus to each pathology has moved the company’s growth towards developing a special security path for all our patients. MTI’s innovative Health Planning Service offers complete assistance in facing and arranging every step towards the improvement of the quality of life the patients is aiming to. Through MTI, each person will discover the best therapy and treatments necessary for their own pathology; they will have assistance and support by our bilingual staff during the whole period of stay in Italy; they will feel secure even after the treatment thanks to MTI’s Follow-Up Service. Rheumatology is MTI’s crown jewel branch. In fact, our patients have the unique chance to access therapy paths, which are successful, beneficial and state-of-art that no other country in the world is able to offer. Specialist doctors who believe in the treatment of a whole person will follow them (see CRPS and Fibromyalgia).

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Quality Treatment

Step-by-step assistance to tailor the therapy according to your own case: we will select the best treatment among the many available, we will consult the most experienced Doctors, we will grant you access to the top-class medical facilities.

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Top Assistance

One Bilingual Health Planner will be dedicated only to you. We will assist you through all the steps of your own medical process. Your Health Planner will be your spokesman. MTI and medical Staff will embrace you in our distinguishingly human, caring touch.

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24/7 support

Our concern is to take care of what is necessary for your own wellbeing. Our focus is for you to feel comfortable, cared about and well followed through the whole experience, at every second.

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Online Follow-up

Our assistance is designed to be openly available to you before, during and after your stay in Italy. By signing in to our Follow-Up Page, you will be able to stay in touch with us, have direct access to our communications and your own documents, confirm the status of your case at any time.

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