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Bone marrow edema

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What is a Bone Edema?

When a spongy bone, usually full of nerves, suddenly isn’t spongy anymore, it is subject to suffering and imbibition, it loses its calcium content, it gets more fragile and it starts to hurt. This causes intense pain that manifests especially at night and without any apparent trauma or any clear reason. Sharp pains are the first symptoms of Bone Edema, a pathology sometimes underestimated or confused with other joint problems. When it starts in the knee, the edema may manifest itself after blunt force or distortion trauma, commonly known as “bone bruises”. It could also be due to structural failure; the underlying causes however are still unclear. Today Bone Edema is recognized with an MRI, but it may often be confused with other joint problems. Thanks to a more careful and attentive reading of the imaging that these machines are able to produce, the attention of the orthopedic, neurologic and rheumatologic world on Bone Edema has increased. MRIs show the areas of the bone that are near the knee, hip and ankle joints that have a different appearance, more faded and almost disappearing, of a clear grey color compared to the sorrounding area of the bone that has a more defined color, a grey color tending to black. In most cases that clear grey area coincides with the area of pain. Most edemas occur in patients between 50 and 70 years of age in which an initial arthritic state can cause a loss of the meniscus, damage to the cartilage, bone microfractures. All these events result in an overload of the spongy bone that is below the cartilage, with its temporary suffering and the consequent development of a more or less widespread edema. Above all, the most affected are women over the age of 50-70, who are overweight, but even over 50s and runners are frequently affected by the problem.

The most effective treatment for Bone Edema: Neridronate

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