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Extinguish the inflammation in you through a customized protocol

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. Its symptoms are swelling, redness, tingling, muscular atrophy, difficulty in normal movements, joint pain and – in the worst cases – deformation of the bones. It may affect a person at any age and, if not treated, or not diagnosed, its degenerative effects will increase fast. Arthritis is a debilitating condition, because the patient will no longer be able to accomplish the most basic tasks of everyday life. In chronic patients, its symptoms will affect the person for his/her entire life. This is a condition that manifests itself through different symptoms and has different causes: it may be originated by a trauma, an idiopathic infection, or an auto-immune infection. An early diagnosis and the correct therapy can drastically decrease the pain and the degenerative symptoms and allow the patient to re-gain a dignifying quality of life.

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